Jaiya – Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course

OMG Yes! Embody Your Pleasure with the Sexual Satisfaction & Electric Connections You Crave The Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ erases your erotic stressors, judgements, and miscommunications — empowering you to experience the fulfillment, fun, and frequency you deserve. With your Erotic Blueprint you will discover the entire natural range of erotic possibilities – the Blueprints give [...]

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7 Tantric Dates – Online Course for Couples

We are inviting you on a delicious & erotic adventure with your partner. Join our 7 pre-recorded tantric dates that will transform your intimate relationship for the rest of your life. Reignite as passionate lovers, deepen your connection, explore sacred sexuality, vulnerability, ridiculous amounts of pleasure, orgasmic bliss and sooo much fun!! Fall in love [...]

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Complete Submission Program – VeronikaSexLife

Would you like your lover to stop turning down the kind of sex you really want to have... WITHOUT having to ask her to? You can get whatever you want from your lover in the bedroom without having to ask for it! No manipulation No awkwardness No questions No debates No forcefulness No bribing No [...]

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Sex Hacker Pro – Kenneth Play

A Sex Hacker’s Guide to keep her beyond satisfied Learn from the best I would like to share something vulnerable about myself. Before GQ called me “the world’s greatest sex hacker” and Playboy said I was “a personal trainer for pussy”, I was a sexually insecure Asian immigrant with an average-sized cock. My journey towards [...]

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Carl Frankel – Secrets of the Sex Masters

For Secrets of the Sex Masters, master journalist Carl Frankel interviewed nineteen of the world's best sex teachers and, in partnership with them, turned the interviews into chapters that will guide readers to having the best sex of their lives. Chapters cover what you might expect (oral sex, anal sex) as well as topics that [...]

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